Off season storage

I’m pretty sure this has been covered before but maybe worth bringing up again.
What techniques are being used to store your karts, engines, tires etc for the off season?


Engines - I put a cap full of oil down the spark plug hole and store inside.
Tires - some kind of conditioner and store indoors, though I know a lot of people just leave them in the trailer.
Karts - clean and coat with WD-40


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All my engines get fresh oil and the tanks drained and some AV gas run through them then I fog em and pop them on the shelf at top dead center. My tires get cleaned with a scrub brush and blue tire wash and left alone if I wanna harden them up or sprayed down with wd40 to put some oil back in them. Karts get tore to pieces and all new put on so there is no storage for them.
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