One more chance for the big block


Enjoying this thread. I have not been on here for months. I run Sprint sit up Enduro with Championship Enduro series. I have not made a race this year but plan to be at Blackhawk in August. Over the past five years I have broken my share of parts running the BBC engines. I believe I have learned where the weak spots are and now have a formula to build a very reliable and strong big block.. Currently running a Honda block 390 with +.020 piston and long rod. Stock valve sizes with Comp cams springs at 50lbs on seat. Gage roller rockers, chromoly pushrods and Dyno 356 cam. Carb is Tillotson HR181 on methanol. Also use a ARC flywheel and PVL ignition. I turn it up to 7200 all day. My dyno maxes out at 35 HP. This engine will overdrive the dyno so I know its a good engine. My Bully 4 disc works great. I weigh in at 460 lbs on the kart with a full 2 gallons of fuel.

I did break a connecting rod once but know I swap rod bolts every other race weekend. No more failures - knock on wood!

I also ran several different oils. My favorite is still FHS 62R. Make sure to get a full 32 ozs. in the crankcase when using a billet side plate. Troubles are gone. This thing is a lot of fun. I only wish there were more big guys making the switch to big block power. It makes an old fat guy really smile :)
Finally got the alcohol big block apart. Looks like a few of the side cover allen bolts backed out and the engine began leaking oil. Luckily my brother who was driving pulled off to the side of the track and shut it off. Going to install a new gasket and regular bolts, wire them and go on to Savannah.

We were running this engine at about 6700 rpm, but it's not looking good to do that for a 30 minute road race. Will take three teeth out of the rear sprocket which should get us closer to 6K. We will adjust according to the stopwatch from there.