Our Video from the 2019 Rock Island Grand Prix

Another very good RIGP in the books, lots of good racing. We shot a lot of video from Saturday and Sunday. And I actually won the Vintage Open Class in a twin engine rear kart of all things.
This is video on my YouTube channel from Turn 6 of the Saturday Heat Race in Briggs Heavy 1, Even Group:
Open pipes on them flatheads , too cool .
What engines were you running ?
I was running a vintage C-Open dual rear engine kart with very modified West Bend 820's on methanol fed with dual carbs and with Hartman oil clutches. He had me on torque, definitely cornered better, but I had him on straight line speed. Those flatheads are cool and super loud. His left engine is running in reverse to get the sprockets inside. People were telling me that many spectators were covering their ears as we went by. Hamilton's were telling me they will be back and making even more horsepower next season with that thing. I'll have nothing for them, I'm almost maxed out, can probably turn another 300 rpm reliably, but we have some ideas on full circle cranks.
The Saturday Heat races in the combined Vintage Yamaha powered karts and the American Fan Cooled along with a few stock Briggs Flathead powered karts. They ran together and were scored separately.