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The 2013 Orielly Indoor Kaert Nationals is in the books. Congratulations to John Langley on an impressive win and the Ferrells finishing 2 and 3rd. The UAS class had over 40 entries which was a great turnout. This is an interesting and unique race that doesnt hold to a traditional UAS format. The promoters of the event were very excited and have expressed that they want to do something more for the UAS in 2014. Seay HiPerformance plans to be active in that for the planning. Unfortunately over 20 UAS racers did not make the field. Even though second round qualifying after locking in the top 10 was the format, it wasnt a happy time for alot of racers. This held true for every class and alot of the large 4-stroke classes are accustomed to go or go home races. I suggested that a B-Main race be held and I offered a Cash prize for the winner. At first the promoters were going to allow this but changed their mind and decided they couldnt because the other classes that had more than full field didnt have the same opportunity. So the advertised race plan was going to be the show. Next year, I will be more forward with what I think the race structure for the UAS should be and "at least" offer the B-Main in leau of second ropund qualifying and give everyone a chance to race.

With that being said, the OReilly Indoor Kart Nationals is a great event and browse the Youtube videos (search OVAL KART MEDIA) (search JAM PROMOTIONS) to see what steps they are taking to promote the racers and the sponsors.

Here is a recent upload: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZrHhdUMg-o

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It was fun for me, but I also made the show on a totally stock F200 on pump gas. Lol. Next year I would like to see the 4strokes and 2strokes separated. Would also like to see the results for this year. Why was it not on MyLaps?