My 7yr old keeps coming away with bruises on his upper right arm from banging it against the chain guard when hitting the bumps in turns. Is there something I can add to the kart itself to at least soften the blow on the edges of the chain guard which will not be effected by the heat? Or could he just wear a hockey style elbow pad or the like? Probably a dumb question, but even tightening his arm restraints down to the absolute limit, its still happening.
I have a heat shield that slides over the chain guard, works really well and no more burns.
If you do a search here, youll see all the positive remarks and some pics of it. You may also call if you have any questions.
Now if he is banging on the edge of the guard, this wont help as it slides over the guard.


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I have the sleeve that Earl sells ! Thing works like a champ and for the muffler laying directly on it has very minimal burning or wear. Definitely worth it !!


Use to have this same issue. We use a wrestling Kneepad…. And slip it on I bet your upper arm then put your race jacket on. No more issues