Pavement Oval Racing

I bought a 2013 Laser Addiction last season.

I am going to be running a decent amount of pavement oval races this season. I have no clue as to how to set it up. I know what works for dirt but i hear pavement is a whole new game.

What is a baseline set up for pavement? Most 1/5th mile tracks.

-Scale numbers
-LR wheel size

All on yellow vegas


Matthew Laukaitis
Laukaitis Racing
6x6 wheel on left rear.Probably around 1 1/8" rear stagger. I'd start with same percentages as dirt but a little more left. 58 left 64 cross and 46.5 nose is likely s good start. Less caster and possibly a lower kpi left front spindle may be ideal if available.
i go 6x6 left sides maybe 6x5.5 lr depending on kart handling, thin wall axle is ideal but not neccesary the numbers posted above are about the same numbers i run at my local asphalt track