Permission to build a track


So friend of mine gave me permission to build a track at one of his properties. I'm fairly new to karting only have 2 seasons under my belt but I don't like what I have experienced with rules and size at the track that we have called home and have a lot of ideas to make it better for everyone. I'm aiming for 1/8 mile clay oval and am running into problems finding clay to get an accurate cost of material. Are there any other materials I could use? Or does someone know were I can get some? Track will be located in Wolcott CT.
What kind of dirt do you have now? Is there any clay in your part of the country? You might check with your local quary. We actually had some clay given to our track but we paid a $9 per ton haul bill for a 2 hour round trip for the truck. They initially wanted $4 per ton plus haul bill so it worked out okay. Our track is 1/10 mile and around 20-25 ft wide and 110 ton put about 2-4" over the whole thing, but we already had a good base of dirt that was 4-6" deep. The track was fine without the clay and was actually a little easier to water and work. But the clay makes a ton of grip. You might try to work with what you have first and then decide if you really need clay. JMO
Clay isn't so common in our area. I'm pretty familiar with the quarries in the area I even called a few and if they have/had any it has been mixed with sand and dust for base for asphalt (roads). I've googled a little bit and they use it as bases for pools as well. As for what is there now, Ct especially Wolcott there is alot of rocks and Ledge in the area.
I'm kinda with Brad on this one our local short track is not clay, but dirt and everyone seems to be adjusted well for what it is. There is another local short track in this area that is red clay, and yes sir it has a ton of bite. But why not start with what you have and throw some banking in it and see what happens. I heard that adding calcium to a dirt track helps give it bite, don't know that for sure, but might be worth checking into. JMO
yep i wouldnt reach for the stars at first , better use whatyou got at first . before sinking a bunch of money into this deal
Def good advice for sure. There is only 1 dirt track in the state of CT, and the rules and restrictions on top of what WKA have set in place really suck. If I can't make it better than what we have now I shouldn't do it at all. If I got into details on some of the stuff you guys would wonder why we race there at all.