Phenom or trion

Looking at a phenom phantom2007 and a trion 2012....what be best user friendly kart to run and able scale / work on ?? Newer always better... What scale numbers or other info on a trion vs or over a phenom


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Triton was a great chassis but that Phenom just seems to flat out work over here in the rust belt. Could go either way in my eyes.
For a new guy, a Phenom (if it's not all used up) would be the better kart for our midwest low/no bite black dirt oval tracks using Burris floppy sidewall tires. (in my opinion)

If you were down south on some momentum bite-up red clay circle tracks, then there's definitely more speed in the Triton.
Once you get a good handle on tires, the Triton will be as good or better than the Phenom in the midwest as well.

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Triton and learn as much as you can about tires.
As fast as our Phenoms are, our Triton is definitely faster.