Powder coating axle


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Hi i have a 50mm axle in my arrow kart and it is factory machined silver in color. Im wondering if I have it powered coated a black finish will all of my axle bearings and brake rotor etc fit back on the axle without a problem i don't won't it to snag or cause friction because the powder coating is too thick. any ideas on this? Thanks
yep....all of the above....just sit the kart on the rack, fire it up....let it adle with the rear wheels turning.....then apply what you want to get the color you want! jsut be careful around the brake rotor and the gears!! little bit of scotch brite, a brillo pad and a little time and it will look great! i would get some emory cloth and use that to bust the rust and get down to a good bare metal....then, if i was you, i'd get some clear spray and hit it with that...jsut to serve as a protector...
i used gun blue (which look great ) but didn't enjoy putting oil on it every 4 days but you will have to do the same with a bear alxe and i will more than likely put blue on it again.