prayers needed


i see it on here alot but never thought it would be me asking last week my mom went to the hospital vomiting and passing out after lots of testing thay found a mass on her brain turns out its a cancer .. today she goes in for brain surgery, doc said it is very risky so i need the power of prayer from all thanks bob k
Heavenly Father, Help. Keep this family firmly in your hand and I thank you for what you're doing on their behalf.

My Mom recently went through surgery to the brain from an injury. Godspeed to you and your mother!
I would like to thank. All that sent t out prayers. she got out of sugery about 2hrs ago and. Came out of recover and hour later she did good and is in high spirits but not out of the woods yet thay found somthing on her adrinal gland. But thay are going wait on that for now