Predator Full Throttle issues?

Have you guys had issues maintaining full throttle in your Predator Motor?

****I have removed the wavy washer under the nut.****

Even still that throttle system is rough and seems sloppy. I never have an issue with this on my clone.

We'll have full throttle, he'll come off the track and he's got 95% because I can see daylight in between the stop.

I loosened the lock not some more, and have full throttle at the moment. We'll see of he maintains it. I'm not a fan of that lock nut being so loose.


Dawg 89
On the standard predator throttle assembly?
Arm could be flexing , cable too tight ,stop moving due too throttle cable pressure , cable slipping or stretching. .
piviot stud or assembly flex .
Is there a pedal stop ?