Preferred clutch for LO206

Kit Henry

We are upgrading our clutches for a Junior Sportsman 8-12 green slide, and am wondering what is the best drum clutch
We are also putting an adult kart together and our wondering the same thing.

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I'm not taking sides on this but here are some good choices.
Rocket Rim clutch $179.00 no sprocket
Hilliard Flame $109.95 with sprocket
Hilliard Fire clutch with Sprocket about $140.00 to $145.00
Hilliard Flame with BullY drum and sprocket about $140.00
Stinger clutch with sprocket $140.00 to $150.00
Noram with heavy shoes between $90.00 and $100.00
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We sell more Hilliards with Bully driver ($128) than all others combined through our shop, Kit.
The Stinger works well also - but personally I prefer the ease of working with the Hilliard clutches over the Stingers.
Noram GE clutches are great for longevity and initial price point, but drivers are not replaceable (you need to change the drum and driver together.)

There has also been a few rule changes regarding clutches used in LO206 racing, so read up on that before you make your purchase.

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You can fool some of the people some of the time following is a statement from Briggs & Stratton, released on July 10, 2019.

It was brought to our attention that a clutch system recently released on the market was being marketed as being approved by Briggs & Stratton Racing. This clutch, called the ‘snap your neck’ was never approved by Briggs and Stratton Racing and is non-compliant to the Briggs & Stratton 206 rule set.

To prevent any future marketplace confusion, we will be working with original clutch OEM’s and publishing a list of approved clutches, which will remain locked for a period of time. This will help to insure stability and cost-effectiveness, two key cornerstones that are fundamental to this program.


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I need a new clutch right now but can’t buy one because Briggs hasn’t come out with approved list of clutches yet. Anyone heard of a timeframe from Briggs on this? I sent Briggs two emails asking timeframe and no response.


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Ya, I don't think you can go wrong getting a Hilliard, Stinger, or Noram.
Briggs will not make them illegal since that's what the majority have been running for years now.
There are a few new brands/models available that are used in limited quantities that I think Dave is trying to nip in the bud. Hence the "approved" list.

Consider, Dave needs to look at the price point, maintenance cost of each clutch, performance advantage if any via testing, availability to the masses, etc and yet wants to be sure not to exclude anyone that should be on that list. That's part of the delay I would guess.
I'm sure clutch guys are lobbying hard to make it on that list as well. ;)