Proper Procedure for Spring Weight Checker


I have been hearing some horror stories about how springs are being checked with the 10.8 and 18lb weight checking tooling. It would be in your best interest as a karter should you go through tech to go to my site and read the proper procedure for that tech. I will also have it in my DVD for training purposes. We need to all get on the same page here.
I hope to have it finished by the end of the week and then in the hands of the proper personal for approval. Let me correct what I just edited. I hope to have it finished "IF" and as of today that is a big "IF" I get my deer soon. Nothing with my bow, nothing with my muzzel loader, ( did get a turkey ) ( blew that thing apart so bad with my 243 that all I tasted was splinters ) and for the last two days, not even a waving tail. So maybe two weeks til I get it done!!!
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