push rods

Raceseng sells both adj and cut to fit push rods and at a fair price. Also I have a .275 lift cam with 1.3 roller rockers with stock length push rods you should be ok
I have a S/A motor with a gx200 milled head .80, with a 1.3 rocker on intake with stock length push rods no problems...
didn't see where you mentioned the cam that your using. if i'm not mistaken, the pushrods are only one part of what you need to look at. I ran a 356 cam last year with a 100 thou milled head. stick ratio rockers....and I ended up needing and using a 5.175 pushrod to make things equal out. as a suggestion, I would look at the cam, what ratio rockers i'm going to use, what the head is milled at and then determine the length of the pushrod needed. this year i'm backing down on the cam to a 275, milling a new head about 80, 26 pound springs and champion rockers....so I need to look at the same thing....what size pushrods do I need to bring everything in line?.....
im using isky billet lifters and the 5.070 shorter rods, just for the hey of it, champion rockers, i just received a email from tim isky and he said that as long i dont mill it over that or deck the block i should be fine with the 5.070 push rods with the head milled .080