Qrc left rear weight


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I got a box stock kart from qrc. When scaling the kart and achieving all the percentages it shows I have negative left rear bite. Is this a problem? Or is it ok to be rr favored?

alvin l nunley

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I never seen an LTO kart with the left was heavier than the right. Front or back. Where you sitting in the kart?


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83-65= 18 .
Thats not much help .
Doesn't it show %.
I agree the lft rear should be heavier .
LF- 67lbs
RF- 44 lbs
LR- 65 lbs
RR-83 lbs
Using the iRaceWeigh app it is telling me I have -18lbs of rear bite.
42% cross
57 rear
50% left

You need to get closer to 50% cross, i would try to get more left and less rear if possible. At minimum i would get cross to 50-52%