Racing in Gold Cup Series


My son just started in Karting, but was looking to attend a Gold Cup event later this year. This series is what we were eyeing when we started to look at where to race. Couple of question are.

1. Does my Son need to have a license or recommendation to race in Gold Cup?

2. We were looking to run in Junior Restricted Animal, we were looking on buying a new coyote or Bandit kart. But I noticed Margay and some different style karts race the series too. Is there a rule for type of kart/body style you can race in Gold Cup?

3. this is a harder question to answer, but looking at low entry numbers, is it worth while to run in Gold Cup? Is there another series to consider running in?

We are new too karting and probably not ready to move on to a National series, but hey go big or go home.

any answers/guidence would be appreciated.
1. No special licensing or prerequisite.
2. All of the karts you mentioned are equally capable of being successful. Add Razor into the mix as well since they typically support all their customers at each event and are great to work with. Bandit and Margay to not typically have factory support available at the events if that is something you think you will need. The different body styles and seats that different kart manufacturers may come with are all legal. Just a personal preference.
3. I know a few drivers that are moving into the Jr. Restricted classes this year, and WKA along with many supporters are pushing hard to build these classes back up. I would anticipate increased participation across the board in all classes. Outlook is very positive at the moment. Also, participants at the gold cup range from beginning karters looking for increased competition, to the most experienced karters that just enjoy racing. The best thing about the gold cup compared to other series is that you will have no shortage of people willing to help you out if you are struggling. The gold cup has long been recognized as a friendly group that will help their fellow karter.

I attend many other series' and they do offer some other options. Typically you will see larger kart counts at the moment in 2cycle classes offered in the Manufacturer's Cup or United States Pro Kart series. With the more cut throat culture of two cycle racing, it is not as inviting to a new karter in my opinion. 2cycle karts are also much higher maintenance and FAR more expensive. Just a kart and engine would cost nearly 6000 up front in comparison to about 3500 for one of the karts you mentioned with a Jr. Pro Gas Animal. Nearly everything is double or triple in cost in comparison from engine rebuilds to chassis parts.

I've been racing gold cup since 99 and wouldn't trade it for anything. Like many others, I have met many of my closest friends running the gold cup series. If you have any questions just let me know. Post them here or message me.
I agree with every word of Gary's post. WKA is in the process of positioning the Gold Cup Series to be the biggest and best Sprint racing series in the country. We are glad to be part of this series and thanks to WKA and all the racers and supporters that are making this happen.
4 Cycle Sprint Racing is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a great response Gary really appreciate it. We wont be ready to make the jump in time for Jacksonville, but will set our sites on Camden, OH in July. Sounds like the type of series we would learn in as beginners.
Local tracks

Do you know that there are 2 nice tracks in our area ? Nicholson in chestertown and sandy hook in street. Good places to get some track time on very different lay outs.