right front redemption help


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Witch square tube that adjust the front width of the kart would be best for me I'm 6'3 190lbs would I need the solid or hollow tube on the right front to run clone heavy witch one works the best I just bought two redemptions and one has a hollow and other is solid and any set up number would be great to along with caster camber and toe and width too please...thanks....
We also had 2 redemptions, both had one of each rf setup.
On the hollow square tube, there where 4 settings, on the other (capped off tube) there were only three....just something to consider.
As far as front track width, we always ran them as close IN as possible for blue/pink maxxis or burris, and as far Out as possible with maxxis ELs.

Camber was usually LF: + 1/2 RF -3.25 (but we have had success with -2.50)
I personally preferred -2.50 because it was less likely to have a push at turn in.

As far as caster we ran one kart at the factory setting ( L-blocks in center of arrows) 10° Lf & 12° rf
And the other kart for really fast or a really good biting track we would change to 8° or 9° Lf and 12° rf.
With that much caster split it can seem a little "twitchy" but had awesome corner off speed.

There is also some speed found by moving the rf L-block back 1/8 to 1/4 in.
Giving the front end a little lead.

Hope this helps!
Thanks what about cross,left side,front ect. %'s on your setups to that work well with them too please
Normally we were around

65-68 cross
46-47.5 nose
56-58 left

If your running multiple weight classes.. you need to add 1% left for every 25lb. Added.
Although we did not have the problem, I was told they went to the solid tube because some racers had a problem with the 1/4 inch bolt stripping out on the hollow one. The solid bracket uses a 5/16 bolt. We replaced it to be certain not to have the problem. I don't remember how much exactly, but the part was not expensive.
We had a problem with the hollow tube right front I just put a smaller tube inside it plug welded it drilled new holes and used 5/16 bolt . The solid tube replacement has only three holes for adjustment.
The one with the hollow tube is my old one. The trick olimpic house kart at the end of 2012. I put one new rf on it when I got it because I over tightened and crushed the first one a little. As long as you don't over tighten the bolt and put a lock nut of some sort on it you won't have any problems no matter how much you weigh. The one with the hollow rf has an aircraft lock nut on it. Never had any issues at all. I was 180-185 I'm 5' 9-10. Gave you all my setup numbers they will get you in the ballpark of what you need. Marc set the kart up and only thing that was changed was taking about 2 percent cross out due to the tracks being ran on. If you are going to a high bite track run 58-58.5 left with around 67 cross. If your going to a woodleaf or liberty style track go to 64-65 cross and 56.5-57 left. This is just from my personal experience with that particular kart. 1/2 lf camber -2.5 rf camber. Stock caster. 47.5 nose. Try my numbers then fine tune for your liking making small adjustments.

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Thanks I was seeing what everyone else was doing too the more info the better I got ur old one ready for tires n motor and the blue one for my son is almost ready I've moved the pettals and made custom mounts cause the floor pan curves so the regular petal riser don't fit right so I made my own made new rods for the gas and breaks got a seat and had to make custom post to mo