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What psi does everyone use while rolling 50 cc in maxxis. Thefirst 50 I rolled I just put them in roller and hit em with air till they where sitting level .
The 9.00 i put somewheres around 15-20, not sure exactly as i dont use my air gauge after first putting in the internal. I actually do an 8-9 count. Left sides i just add enough air to not get stuck in between the rollers.
Your right sides almost always need growing, therefore the higher air helps.
Depending on your internal chemical, it'll help size the tire while you're rolling.
I rolled a couple sets of Maxxis yesterday and had to grow the right sides 1/2." By over-inflating them and rolling our Pink Panther internal at the same time, they came out right @ 34" where I want them.

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My experience is they shrink after you roll with internal .