Sanding cc's off head


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Has anybody done this successfully? I have a nice flat surface, and wet/dry emery paper in 220,500,1000,1200 grit. Any how to's would be appreciated.
You won't need the 500,1000,1200 grits, but you better start coarser than 220. 100 up to 400 is plenty.
You won't need the 500,1000,1200 grits, but you better start coarser than 220. 100 up to 400 is plenty.

Yep. On the advice of a fellow member, I lubed up my 220 grit with WD 40 (or similar), and commenced to rubbin. Back and forth, index, round and round. I really should have measured before I started so I had an idea of the work to results ratio. My conclusion is...starting with 220 or higher will make this not worth while. You really need to hog off as much as possible in the first half hour or so, or it becomes very tedious and tiring. Not to mention going through more paper. I'm probably gonna get some coarser paper and give it another go.
I have a marble tile with a 80 grit round sticky pad stuck to it and i rub it in circles slowly and keep cleaning the pad off . It worked great running 9 thou head gasket and its sealed up great .
I have done them on a up rite belt sander works ok just need to keep checking how much you took off
and have the clamping tool to keep it flat and pressure even.but milling them is the best way.
$40 for milling?? That must be a UNION
Us rednecks are working for min wage...
do 2 blocks and 2 heads for that as long as you can give me your numbers.. :)

I wasn't knocking anyone on the first post.. If someone hadn't read carefully the original question you would have wondered..
Hand sand or belt sand can be done correctly if taking your time..
My local machine shop sponsors all my engine and head work, and he uses a diamond bit in his flat mill and on a aluminum heads when he gets done with it look's like new money ! But hey if a piece of marble and some emery paper works for you and saves you some bucks in the process, then good luck guys I like the Idea !
Ha...$40.00 must be in the US...try $80-$100 if you are lucky over here...
$45.00 for a 14cc clone head...try $20.00 or less on eBay all day...

But at our track people get rid of the clone 22cc heads in box stock for newest and greatest I can get them for 2 for $5.00 all day.
Take them home mill them up and go racing...
LMAO WOW same thing I was thinking. Seriously a DA sander to mill a head. I've heard a lot of things in my 22 years of building but this tops them all. lol

I'm not sure if this is a stab at me or not, but its a cheap China part, not a Brodix headhunter. I also lap main bearing caps to set the clearance on drag engines that have made 900+hp with no power adder. If its flat, its flat..
I can't afford 'Marble', so I use a 1/4" thk glass plate off my bead blaster and 220-400 grit paper. I'm not trying too 'mill' the head, i'm just 're-furbishing' it for flatness. Also....wood putty does wonders in filling in the 'deep' scratches! I also use the Glass plate for 'checking' flatness.