SCUAS Race #1 3-15-14


Round 1 for the SCUAS will be at Woodleaf speedway 3-15-14. The uas class and the limited outlaws will be racing as well as woodleaf's normal classes. UAS will have a $40 entry fee and the limited outlaws will be $25. This does not include any track fees that may apply. Also, last year we did not do anything for a points fund and this will be up to the racers this year. If you want to have some sort of awards at the end of the year, let me know and we will collect a points fund with entry fee.

I will post more details about the race(gate time, practice time, etc.) as it becomes available.

Also i'm waiting on the details for the rest of the schedule and hope to have it completed soon.

Woodleaf is also having a controlled practice day march 1st for anyone wanting to knock the rust off.

Any questions feel free to give me a call at 828-446-0606

Kent Hollifield
Are the limited outlaw rules the same as last year? can we run a limited clone at the same weight as animal limited?
Kent have you had a chance to post the limited rules yet? I hope to start putting my motor together next week when we get dug out of this white crap.
The SCUAS Limited Outlaw rules are as follows:

Stock appearing Flathead, Clone, and Animal @ 340lbs. The only tech will be visual inspection from 5 feet away. Must run the stock style carb if running them as stock appearing.

Flathead four stroke engine up to 225cc's @ 340lbs.

OHV four stroke engine up to 225cc's @ 350lbs.

Piston Port two stroke engine up to 116cc's @ 340lbs.

Reed or Rotary Valve two stroke engine up to 105cc's @ 380lbs.

Kent Hollifield