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How is the seat mounted in an outlaw kart. Does it float on a separate mount or bolted solid to the frame?


I run caged (bolt on) and champ karts. I mount the seat the same as you would a flat kart. PRC has some very good instructional videos on seat mounting. Google it.


I don't think its proper advice to recommend mounting an aluminum seat with a 5 point harness the same way you would mount a regular kart seat.
Though, the original post doesn't define which type of cage kart he has

Outlaw kart uses a front mount that is essentially an angle aluminum mount that mounts to the kart and can pivot slightly.. on the rear, there is a seat mounting hoop that bolts to the chassis and the seat bolts to it

QRC should show their stuff.. it will adapt to most chassis.
RFC has a good setup too..
Look up Blackhawk Chassis on facebook.. he will build what you need, and it will be good


I looked all over. And I couldn't find anything for our outlaw kart seat mounts..
Here's one thats a hoop.. this is a QRC part. Im sure... sorry its a crappy picture
There are two "wings" that goes from this mount. To the seat... they mount with rubber biscuits on the connecting points


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Our seat was NEVER mounted correctly...
Our first ( restricted box stock ) was built by a conversion guy in Wisconsin and I fed off that general idea, and parts that came with new to me chassis as we advanced.

This is a good video