Show me your tool box


It certainly seems like this karting thing has taken hold with my son.
I've always just thrown some bigger spares in a crate, small spares in a small parts case, and throw my normal unorganized tool bag in and go to the races.

Certainly can be a little painful when something breaks, there is limited time for repairs, and my tools aren't organized. Add in a helpful wife or 10 year old, it makes sense to have everything have a permanent home.
Right now, and likely for a little while use a 5x10 enclosed trailer, that is dedicated to karting. Barn doors, and no side door. He's now racing both circle track champ kart as well as a road course sprint kart......and at this rate I might as well consider getting an adult road course kart.
So show me your "service area" at the track and how you organize your tools to make things efficient at the track.

My current thought is to put a couple of tool rolls on the barn doors of the trailer for wrenches and other tools. Taking them off during transport. Also thinking about cutting up an old car service ground sheet, and use it for under the kart/kart stand, so when that random bolt falls we can find it quicker. Trailer isn't big enough to put a smaller roller box in, and honestly I don't bring enough tools to justify something quite that big.

Now that the season is winding down, now is the time to get it organized for next season.


Sounds about right . Really need to bring just what’s needed for regular maintenance. Friends and family can help with the rest .
We have used a 12'x12' piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting under the kart stand in the pits---sure makes it easier to find dropped stuff. Used it for years.