Sink hole eats Corvettes

Ray, Ambassador Speedway is having the last Winter series Florida Oval Asphalt Series Race this Sunday Gates open at 9AM few rounds of practice racing starts around Noon, usually out of there around 4PM . Its in Wimauma. Website is for pics and info Track is about 20 minutes NE from 275 to 75 ramp. If you and Joshua want to come We can give you all the set up info. Lots of fun and run very well. Should be a good size crowd. They are also having a practice Sat. from 10AM-4PM for $10 gate fee per person includes track time for the day. My # is (727) 288-1529
Danny stephen
Joshua got a couple of bad grades so he is parked. Thanks for the offer.
Sorry to hear that. Look forward to racing with you all again sometime. Jude and I are already talking about Inverness again.......this time I wont force him to eat a big hot dog just before the feature especially when his stomach was already bothering him so bad. Epic fail on Dads part. Just was trying to get him feeling better by getting something in his stomach. That would have been the race of the day with those two going for it.
How did last month's news get back on air a month later? Just to rub salt into old wounds? If that don't make you cry, you ain't old enough to remember.
jack, they were just last night showing them pulling them out of "the hole" and discussing their conditions on national networks. Was done the day prior I think.