small tube chassis


what is the difference in the small tube verses the big tube chassis (besides the size of the tube), I know one will flex more than the other, but where will one or the other be better at.


not speaking as an authority figure on the subject, but, imo, its not about how much more one will flex than the other, but the rate of flex and how it relates to the amount of time the kart is turning through the corners, I would tend to believe that the large tube frame would "snap back" if you will much quicker than the smaller tube, of course, were talking about a time frame of maybe micro seconds, I have both a PRC Recon and Minecon, the Recon is big tube, the Minecon is small tube, the Recon has a tendency to turn into the corners real nice when the flex is starting, but seems to "snap back on the left rear tire" too soon at the center of corner causing the front end to ultimately want to drive straight to the wall every lap, whereas the Minecon maybe at times is a little loose on entry during the start of the weight transfer and chassis flex cycle, but seems to ease back on the left rear tire or maybe even later through the corner when the kart is headed for the straightaway instead of the wall giving it that awesome feeling corner exit speed....again, not an expert, but just relaying what I feel from the seat of my pants...