SMC Red Clutch Belt Drive Gears


If anybody needs SMC Belt Drive Gears for the Red Clutch Drums (5 bolt pattern), please let me know what size and numbers ASAP.

Is Tom making a special run of these?

One 26 or 27 tooth for me, please. Just need one or the other, whichever works out best if others want similar sizes.
I've already got a couple so I only really needed one more - either 26 or 27, but I'll buy a couple if it helps meet the minimum. Does he need 30 of any size (mix)? Hopefully you're not saying he needs 30 of one size to do a run. I've got a large range of rear gears so I can be flexible on what front number I use.
drive sprocket

Jack, I was just going to have Pfieffer make me some since I have been trying to get Tom to do it! The bearing Tom uses is kind of difficult to get but anyways if your going to get him to make some I'll take 23 24 25 two of each I know ben wants a couple to. I don't know if he can make the 23 being so small.
Jack: any more info on this? I can be in for a couple more of the gears if it will help make a minimum. What about the drums? Does he have some of these around for the belt gears? I'd like to have a couple extra of those too (I guess I could call him on that).

Bruce Peck - Indy
The thing is in order to make this work with the drivers I have it will require the steel sleeve from the earlier model needle bearing type, and a twelve tab basket..
the bushing may be no big deal but to make the baskets is, as what there is only you two?

If you can swap to the eight tab disks and the steel sleeve will work then I can hook you up.

Yes Joe, I owe you the 27, Your first thing as soon as I can..
SMC 23T, 24T, 25T, 26T, 27T, 28T and 30T pulleys are now in stock. These pulleys use two deep-groove ball bearings (included) and require a different spacer kit (not included). Older pulleys can be re-machined to work with the new bearing arrangement.

I will be at the Mid Ohio racetrack Friday August 13th and Saturday August 14th if anyone need assistance with pulleys or clutches (axle clutches too).

Thomas Fehring
BTW, Tom has changed the bearing configuration in the new pulleys. He can update your old ones if you contact him and send the pulleys to him. I guess it corrects some potential issues with the previous set up.