Stalling issues


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Running a stock 212 with governor hooked up. Runs fine, but stalls under caution. Oil sensor is hooked up, have drilled a hole in fuel cap, 15* mount. Is it operator error? Any suggestions? Thanks.


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While riding around. It is my kids, so I am unable to get full details of what the throttle is doing when it stalls.


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Clutch driver have a bearing or busching ? Needing lubricant .
Idle too low .
Oil level too low , foamed up . What oil how much .
What spark plug ?
What fuel level ?


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I will check the clutch, but just switched engines and didn’t do it on the other. Running 14 oz royal purple. Stock plug. Fuel level at red full level.


Don't be like me. Make sure when you drill the hole go all the way through the cap. Put a flash light to it so you can see the light.