Starter Nut keeps backing off Honda GX 160..newbie question also cam question*


Ive got a honda gx 160 , Billet flywheel and rod. .650 Bore carb. 18# valve springs stock cam. 8 degree timing (running gas)
Ive been using an 18v cordless drill to start the motor..Put on a starter nut..worked the starter nut keeps backing off..I boogered up a offset flywheel key already. I am not using any washer under the starter nut and billet flywheel.I got the motor without any washer.Should there be some sort of spring washer between the flywheel and starter nut? I am torqueing the nut down with a cordless impact driver. It keeps backing off the nut..cant figure it out.
Other than that motor seems to have plenty of power..
with the above set up..what type of cam(duration/lift or brand name) would benefit my motor the best.
We plan on running ovals not sure dirt or asphalt..leaning more towards dirt!
Thanks for any assistance!!
the impact has no over running clutch causing the nut too unscrew. red Loctite and a properly torqued nut may work.
Is the pull start broken that should work.
Thanks and Merry Christmas!
Overlook the obvious ..loctite..yeah should of caught that
I put a wrench on the clutch nut(wedged against chainguard) when I torqued it

I found with the 8 deg. advanced timing it was a pain to pull went to cordless drill ..would 6 degrees be easier to start?
Ill do the loctite and reset the flywheel give her a shot
a proper starter is the best soulution.
Torqued with a torque wrench?
possibility of ruined parts is quite high.
What kind of billet flywheel are you using? Is it one of those with a steel hub in the center, or is is all aluminum? If its all aluminum, and your torquing it to 60 ft-lb, you may have ruined the flywheel and made it dangerous to even be using
We have found on our engines that when using a starter nut you must use a washer.
Reason being...there use to be a starter cup so there is a space between the nut and flywheel.