Stock Appearing Builder needed...!

I need some good honest opinions on a clone builder.

I need a BAD stock appearing motor! I currently run UAS with my 2 smoker buddies but I got some guys at a local track that I need to teach a lesson to in the stock appearing "outlaw" clone class.

Please give me some contacts for good stock appearing clone engine builders.


I have seen a couple of Mike Clements in AZ. his S/A clones run and they are wicked fast ...... also you have Dave Lewis at "DLR ENGINES" in GA.
Stock Appearing can mean many different things to different people. With any class there are basic guidelines to follow.
I don't have a AKRA legal engine for sale, but I have friend that does. It don't have a lot of running time, I just dynoed it for him the other day (I ported the head some more, and checked the results). With a legal carb it showed 18.6hp, and with a 390 carb it showed 21hp. He said he may sell it, I think he will take around $1000.00, to $1100.00.. I could check for you?? I will tell you it has a long rod, wiseco piston, billet cam, stainless valves....Just for reference , he also has a Hurricane S/A engine, and it showed 18.4.