Stripped nut


Dawg 89
wheel nut . there are stripped nut removes available .
may not fit in there though . Or dive an old socket on thats smaller .
Vise grip . grinder, cold chisel and split it . or Might be able to turn it with a chisel to start the loosening process .
Arc Gouge is the easiest . Cutting torch . drill the stud out .
You may damage some thing in the process. It wont be easy .


Dawg 89
If you can get at the pinch bolt with a cut off allen wrench . you may be able to get the hub off the axle .
That would help some . Pull the snap ring first .


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I have been lucky enough to drive a smaller metric socket over the nut with an
extension and a big hammer. When you buy new wheel nuts buy several spares and rotate as needed.


old fart
Take hub/wheel off axle, grind the head of the allen off, from the other side plyers on stud above nut, unscrew allen along with nut.


tfsy141a blue point socket Not the least expensive way, but this socket works pretty slick.


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I just did one saturday at the track. Pounded a 10mm socket on it and applied slow even pressure with ratchet. Don't use the impact gun.


Get or find a cheap 11mm socket (for 1/2 nut) or 10mm socket (for 7/16 nut). Hammer it on the stripped nut and it should back out. I keep extra lugs in my mag-tray all the time! Also, avoid using 12 point sockets They will strip the nuts quick! I prefer using a 6 point socket and a 12v dewalt impact. The 20v impacts just have too much torque for the fine thread. I know you didn't strip it to begin with, just suggestions to avoid this in the future, especially when you are in a situation where you are in a hurry to get to the grid. Good luck!