Stripped Reed Cage Screw


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I stripped out one of the reed cage screws on my 131 sudam. What would be the best fix: JB weld the hole and re-tap/thread, drill oversize then tap/thread, something better?

Looking for any advice. This is a small cage style motor and when Buller did the 131, they JB welded the carb manifold to the reed cage so I can't replace the reed cage without replacing everything.

Thanks in advance.


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if the stripped thread is metric sometimes you can try the next size in american standard and it just might work, or vice versa, if the stripped thread is american standard you can try the next size in metric. or just drill and tap to the next size. jmo
Sometimes you can use a small Visegrip to hold the outside of the screw, but I have also used my Dremel to cut a straight slot. I now use Button head Allen bolts to retain. but you will need to shorten them a bit, I use a hunk of 1'8" material to hold them and run against a sanding disk. Hard to de-burr, but I have had them work without it. Stock size is, I believe 2 or 2.5 m.m. ,they can re-tap with 3 m.m., if hole is stripped. Good luck.


Tig weld it OR alumalloy it. I've used Alumalloy several times. It works fine. It only takes map gas. just have to get some. Send me your address and I will send you a section of it. Now that I can Tig weld, I only use the Alumalloy for reedcages. After you fill the hole, just tap it.

You can look up how to use it on You Tube.
The biggest problem is that the bolt head needs to be the correct size so that it will fit back into the case, that's why I choose button head Allens. We're talking 2.5 and/or 3.0 m.m. bolts, not exactly an easy size to install a Heli-Coil, I would prefer an insert or the next larger size.