Swoop Body

Most all the swoop bodies, yes. I think there may be a body or 2, they dont swoop nearly as much, that may fit.
What type body were you looking at and we could give you a definite answer?
I'd call Ed or Jason at the shop just to be sure which bodies will or won't work with the stock nerf bars (352) 799-9995.
Chavous swoop has good reinforcement in the front and where the panels bolt together. Had to modify my front bumper for it to work on my old twister but already had low nerf bars.
Comp Composites makes a nice swoop body called the stealth, i really like them but nothing compares to a chavous ssx when it comes to durability. If you use your kart as a battering ram there really is no body thats gonna hold up for long anyways lol