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I posted this on LO206, but thought I'd put here as well . . .
I'm new to karting, looking for a good tachometer that is pretty easy to install. I want a quality tach. I'm planning to buy new and at a lower price point if I can. What are your recommendations?


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Same thing .
You will find the limits of the cheap tach quickly .
No lap times , only max recall .
No playback .


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Buy used or keep saving.
Unless you're going to use the GPS feature, a Mychron 4 will tell you all you need to know.
I see them regularly for $200 - just make sure that you get all the leads with it. (FWIW, you won't really need the CHT lead because you won't need to monitor temps, and it spaces the spec spark plug up out of the chamber slightly.) If you can find a gauge without the temp lead, you should save a little dough (that's the expensive lead.)

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Get a Mychron not a Digitron , easier to use , a lot less trouble, I have both. Buy a new one, I have had bad luck with used electronics


Get a Mychron. Don't get a 3, too much stuff to mount and very dated!
I prefer the 4 over the 5 slightly(we have both) unless you really want the GPS function. And this is a very small point! You need to charge the 5's battery, where the 4 uses a 9 volt. Very small point!
And of course a 4 would be much cheaper.
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