The West End Fair Dirt-a-Rama packs large car count and racing action! Race Results from the West End Fair!


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Racing returned to the West End Fair for the 5th consecutive year of Dirt-a-Rama. The race pulled drivers from all over the eastern seaboard to run under the Monday Night lights during one of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s most popular fairs, and have a crack at the over $12000 in cash prizes. 138 entries filled up the 11 divisions of Karts, Champs, Microstocks, Slingshots, Stage 1 Modifieds, and Outlaw Karts, providing exciting side-by-side action. Fans piled in the stands as well to take in the action that the 1/7 mile dirt oval had to offered and would get their money’s worth of racing action. Here is the results from the exciting night of racing at the West End Fair:

$1000 to win Flathead 360 presented by Greenzweig’s Kart Shop
Quick Time: Quentin Graham, 13.746, 39.677MPH
1. Dustin Prettyleaf
2. Trevor Teats
3. Cody Sieber
4. Casey Steinhoff
5. Jason Wolfe
6. Kevin Miller
7. Teddy Reed
8. Jacob Foster
9. Kevin Greenawalt
10. John Wolfe
11. John Hoffman
12. Quentin Graham
13. Michael Lybolt
14. Scott Thomas
15. Dylan Labar
16. Alex Kolonics
17. Anthony Roselli
18. Walter Gilbert
19. Josh Hare
20. Jacob Rayson
21. Alex Arndt
22. Ryan Neese
23. Michael Markey
DQ: JJ Pacovich (Failed Post Race Tech)

$350 to win Microstocks presented by Billy’s Body & Paint
Quick Time: Tom Arntz, 14.603, 37.348MPH
1. Tom Arntz
2. Dillon Emmons
3. Matt Ackerman
4. Timothy Flyte
5. Isiah Flyte
6. Jarred Rehrig
7. Matt Gyurkovics
8. Kevin Reimert
DNS: Steven Frindt

$250 to win Jr. Sportsman presented by MHK Attorney’s
Quick Time: Bradley Wagner Jr., 14.223, 38.346MPH
1. Bradley Wagner Jr.
2. Evan Madagan
3. Lane Snook
4. Brandon Walsh
5. Hailey Eroh
6. Griffin Hendershot
7. Eric Lieb
8. Stephen Laubach
9. Lydia Navarro

$500 to win Sr. Animal Champ presented by Kelly Racing Fuels
Quick Time: JJ Pacovich, 13.761, 39.634MPH
1. JJ Pacovich
2. Dustin Prettyleaf
3. Austin Roush
4. Trevor Teats
5. Kevin Greenawalt
6. Alex Kolonics
7. Eric Freeman
8. Billy Proctor
9. Alex Wanerus
10. Jeremy Tuttle

$350 to win Jr. Slingshots presented by R.G. Hoffman Electrical Contractors
Quick Time: Tyler Ulsh, 14.485, 37.653MPH
1. Aidan Donaldson
2. Tanner VanDoren
3. Paul Hartwig III
4. Tyler Ulsh
5. Wyatt Taschler
6. Doug Smith
7. Zack Cox
8. Chase Zimmer
9. Charlene Benz
10. Matthew Backus

$1000 to win AllStar Slingshot presented by S&S Speedways and Amsoil Racing
Quick Time: Jared Silfee, 13.870, 39.322MPH
1. Jared Silfee
2. Scott Neary
3. James Benz
4. Cody Kline
5. Matt Mertz
6. Kyle Herve
7. Dillon Emmons
8. Austin Silfee
9. Shelby McLaughlin
10. Mason Pittenger
11. Brian Smith
12. Andrew Turpin
13. Brett Bieber
14. James Mohr
15. Jason Kraycirik
16. Mark Mohr

$1000 to win Clone 360 presented by Burris Racing Tires
Quick Time: Quentin Graham, 13.544, 40.269MPH
1. Quentin Graham
2. Trevor Teats
3. JJ Pacovich
4. Cody Seiber
5. Owen Dimm
6. Dustin Prettyleaf
7. Todd Crenshaw
8. Josh Hare
9. Ryan Neese
10. Casey Steinhoff
11. Jacob Rayson
12. Eric Freeman
13. Dominic Roselli
14. Scott Thomas
15. Teddy Reed
16. Michael Markey
17. Jeremy Tuttle
18. John Hoffman
DNS: Michael Lybolt

$250 to win Jr. Sportsman Champ presented by Kevin Wieand Enterprises
Quick Time: Dylan Cordier, 14.625, 37.292MPH
1. Dylan Cordier
2. Lane Snook
3. David Cordier
4. Griffin Hendershot
5. Justin Teresak
6. Brandon Walsh
7. Jayce Brown
8. Hailey Eroh
9. Ian McGuire
10. Nick Pollack
11. Tre Mammana
12. Bradley Wagner Jr.
13. Michael Sinagra
14. Cristofer Buehl
15. Kaleb Rawlins
DNS: James Horner

$250 to win PA Wing Outlaw Karts presented by Hill Side Vinyl & The PA Wings
Quick Time: Cliff Loss, 12.598, 43.293MPH
1. Cliff Loss
2. Jeff Metsger
3. Justin Care
4. Alex Ruppert
5. Russ Ludwig Jr.
6. Tom Arntz
7. Michelle Ludwig
8.Russ Ludwig III

$500 to win Sr. Flathead Champ presented by Oreville Kart Club/Snydersville Raceway
Quick Time: JJ Pacovich, 14.402, 37.870MPH
1. Austin Roush
2. Ron Ehrhardt
3. JJ Pacovich
4. John Martinsky Sr.
5. Trent Brewbaker
6. Steven Frindt
7. Randy Ehrhardt
8. John Martinsky
9. BK Rizzo
10. Cody Quagliato
DNS: Kenny Maconeghy Jr.

$500 to win Stage 1 Modifieds presented by Smith Fabrication
Quick Time: Tanner VanDoren, 13.234, 41.212MPH
1. Tanner VanDoren
2. Joel Smith
3. Anthony Chrobak
4. Joel Price
5. Lawson Szerencits
6. Mark Evans

We would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the show. We also want to thank all the staff and volunteers who helped put on the show. Finally, we want to thank our dedicated sponsors including Snydersville Raceway, RP Flurer Excavating, S&S Speedways/Hamlin Speedway, Oreville Kart Club, The West End Fair, Smith Fabrication, Silfee Services, Greenzweig’s Kart Shop, Burris Racing Tires, Sunoco Race Fuels by Kelly Racing Fuels, Wicked Speed GraphX, Hill Side Vinyl, RG Hoffman Electrical, Billy’s Body & Paint, Kevin Wieand Enterprises, MHK Attorney’s, The PA Wing Series, Line RD Racing Engines, The West End Quarter Midget Club, and Amsoil Racing by Romeo Enterprises. Thanks for a great year everyone and putting on some amazing racing!