thin tires


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If there thin enough your checking the cords .
So no not exactly the same .
Are you saying you have a pair of twin tires that check different or two different tires cut the same that are different ?


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No, they won't work the same, but I'd be less concerned about duro as the amount of bite and cut that was done to them.
The softer tire will build heat quicker, and remember that duro drops as tire temp increases -- you can expect to see more wear on that softer tire.

I prefer to keep all 4 of my tires at the same duro and with the same amount of wipes/bite in them. I realize that they work differently on the track, and that the LF wouldn't matter as much if it were a bit softer, but it's easier for me to keep track of sets of tires if they are all worked together.
I really try to keep my right sides identical (that way I can swap positions (front to rear)) and not worry about it changing the car handling either.

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