tilly 304 alky vs tilly 360


would the tilly hl360 out preform a tilly 304, both on alky, i know the 360 is bigger, but is it too big? im trying to run 32/28mm valves with the 360 or 28.5/25 with the 304, im running a stock stroke and boar gx200 and a isky 360 cam (260 duration) champion rockers, would getting the bigger valves be worth the extra money? or would it not make a huge difference, i dont care about top end, im just wanting to know if the motor would make enough power to feel a difference,
go with a e.c 304wx dominator I have one on a billet head stroker animal an it runs great. I ran a new billet x380 on same motor an could really tell little difference. would buy another 304 if anyone has one for sale. also run the bigger valves it will help.
We ran a 304wx on alky all year long on a GX200 stock stroke stock bore, 32m Int & 28m Exh and was running a NR274 cam with 37 lb Springs, ... tha thing was like a rocket ! :D
360 does work well with small valve but it works even better with big.
the 304 is a very good carb too and also kicks but.if you do go 304
make sure you get the one that is done for you.their is one to that
has to be reworked.and is a builders carb