Timing Gear

A real simple setup bore an aluminum block then split it, it does not take as much effort as you may think.

The torque plate you see has been used on Honda engines coming off that bench 15 years agoI don't think there were any Honda postings on Bob's then and there certainly were not any clones mentioned. I did post pictures of it many years ago.
how much you moving them? +/- 5*

The answer is the same answer I always say regarding ignition timing, it depends upon the starting point. Gx 160's usually moved about 4* the 200's of later years 1.5-2* some never got moved. I did an early clone and I did move it a lot, that was so long ago I don't remeber numbers or brand of engine. Doing so many Hondas I was not impressed with the early clones, so much improvement has been made.
I wasn't the first, far from it. Subbe this has been posted before I have posted the pictures but they of course went down with the ship. I sold a set up I built for moving the gear without pulling the crank, pop the side cover, pull the cam I had a partial plate that bolted to side cover bolt holes, a plate made from an old cam gear.
hmmm cool fixture... ive heard of people popping the cam gear off... and of people bending the cam... but not like what your doing... your way would be a lot easier!!! basic stuff and a degree wheel... I like it!!!