Tire prep, who and what do u Use?


I know everyone has their own prep these days but just trying to get an idea. Have people swear by Hitech , track tac, so on and so on. Please give an honest answer and no arguing please.
Different things work for different folks! More than one way to skin a cat and win!....imho the one that gives you the most tract support.
I run maxxis pinks and blues here in Ga. I have had good luck with FTS by Randy Waters at Appletree karting. As a newbie he really helped me win the points at my local track my first year racing. my vote is for FTS prep.
Liquid Speed and FTS is my choice, but i also use a few select preps from the Track Tac line also. Just different things from different brands, that way i have a prep for just about any condition ill need something for. But, i can take the Liquid Speed line of prep pretty much anywhere and run good with it, i love it and its a very simple program with 4 preps, plus 2 trackside preps, so 6 in total.
Get one line of prep, stick to it and learn it. Don't mix and match unless you know very well what it will do. Most common prep lines will have something for all conditions, just learn when and where to use what.
Track Support is what swayed us to swap our prep line. We now run X Factor Preps and it had alot to do with the track side support we were able to get.
Call Jody Pierce at Jody Pierce Motorsports. He runs mostly Maxxis stuff and he's producing some pretty good preps with good tech support. We had two poles and a second round fast time at Batesville in 2010 on his stuff, which was the first time we ever tried it. We've used it lots of times since then.
all the above listed are good and have won many big races. I personally usually race with palmetto's stuff, matt gives great customer support but all these guys Southern Comfort, FTS, Trac Tac they are all good. Just stick with one brand that was my mistake when i started, i was mixing and matching any half used free can of prep i could get my hands on...results definitely suffered
And the list goes on and on and on buddy, find a prep line and study it, learn it, try mixing this with that (using the same prep line) Theres a lot of good dealers on here to help you out, but for me I have JRPW close by my house and he sells different prep lines, Mr. Jimmy help me out on what prep to use and so far its working for my son when we race, I'm still learning everyday, good luck to you.