Tire Resurfacer pulley sizes?

Home making a Tire resurfacer with parts around the shop, and the only thing I don’t have are the pulleys, my question is what size pulleys are needed for 1/4HP motor to turn the correct RPM to grind tires. Thanks in advance .
Mine has a 2" and a 10" pulley---I think it is on a 1750 rpm motor---pouring outside or I'd run down to the shop and check the rpm

alvin l nunley

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The motor needs to be 1750 RPM first off. Seems like I've read the ratio should be about 3.5 – 4.0. Are you going to use chain or belts? If it was me I'd use chain.


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Mine had similar sizes .
I actually I was wrong on the motor it’s a 1/2 HP and turns at 1725, I am planning on using a V-belt design just something cheaper than buying one


6 rear 1.5 front on a 1725 , had a 12 and 2.5 and wanted a touch faster went to the 1.5, i wanted smaller pulleys. Old ratio was 4.8 , new ratio is 4.0