tire/rim size on asphalt

can also use the 6inch on LR....now if you are street racing on bumpy streets I like the 6.5 on both LRs....
6.5" lf 6" lr 10" right side. Vega i don't think you would need to cut, burris i've never dealt with for asphalt but have heard to cut those
Fast track is owned by one of the Burris family members and is open burris. Speedcreek is 55's on the rights and either 44's or 55's on the lefts.
The Burris will never compete with a Vega speed wise, but if you have to run them on pavement, I do reccomend cutting them.
It seems that every track in Indiana dirt & asphalt is Burris only. I'm going to try and make it to a couple of the new MAOS races and it's Vega tire rule.
Yellow vegas are very fast and good tires on pavement...we run them a few times a year at street races...IKS and SIRA events when allowed...