Tire Talk @ PRC Open House - Don't Miss It!!!


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You don't want to miss this one! At the customer's requests, we have put together an awesome seminar that every racer will want to attend. We got 4 of the best tire gurus in the business to agree to team up and do a Tire Talk seminar at the PRC Open House. We have the infamous Tod Miller from Tod Miller Racing Engines, Jerry Mullis of Superior Tire Management, MC Motorsports’ Matt Connell, and the ever popular Jamie Knopf of Pink Magic. The money these guys have won in the last 2-years alone would have paid off your mortgage, so how can you afford to miss it? “Tire Talk” will begin at 1pm inside PRC and space will be limited! Don’t miss this history making event!

Just wated to say i had a wonderful time. The seminars were very informative, the food was great and everyone seemed to have had a great time. Mr.wiggins and the entire prc staff put on one heck of a show! Todd miller left a great impression on me with his last statement. Thanks Todd, ill be adding him to my aresenal as well.
First time being there and really did enjoy it. Wish I would have went there to start with instead of Hickory!!!! Class Act People
Ok thanks, just wondered if the open house was free because the website for karts sport says I have to join that site to watch the tire seminar... hardly seems right does it ?


The Open House event was free to all of those that attended. The Tire Talk seminar was also free. However, Phantom did not film the seminar, KartSport Media did. Unfortunately, Phantom does not own or have the right to distribute the video of the Tire Talk seminar. Therefore, if you would like to view KartSport Media's video of the seminar, you must be a member of their site. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I sit down today and watched both parts of the tire talk seminar. Very informative, got a quick question though, They kept referring to "gold prep" I think is what it sounded like. What is this they were referring to? Is it Goat?
Agree. Not right to charge for something that was free.
Yes the seminar might have been free, but I understand them charging a membership for some of thier features. They have a cost. The cost to get someone there, film it, production, web hosting. All that is not free. Honestly, the $5.99 or what ever the monthly fee is, is worth it even if the only thing you ever do is watch the tire talk. If you dont want to pay, thats fine also, but the value to getting those individuals together discussing tire strategies is worth alot more than $6