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I don't understand this about tires. I see clones running that cannot seem to get around the corners but then i see some extremely fast RWYB guys absolutely flying. in theory. if a clone guy had the same tires as a rwyb guy wouldn't that be the setup to have? I ask because i run rwyb and i run into the problem of out Horsepowering my tires but if i were to take the same tires and run them on a clone wouldn't that be the tires to have as they have proven to handle the higher corner speeds?
In theory yes the clones should look much better thru corner which the hot shoes do, what you witnessed must of been guy's off on tires, prep, or pressures, or over driving sliding, IF your seeing a RWYB maintain real good corner speed looking real smooth that's mostly throttle control mashing it to the limit on the straights knowing where to start to let it roll through the turn, then knowing exactly where to get back in it.
right on, right on. I am still a noob with kart racing but i just got on an easy repeatable prep program and i was on a rail in jasper fl for their opening points race. if i had known how to roll tires and prep through the week back when i was running predator on EL tires i feel like i would have been unstoppable because last year i did fairly well on tires that were just prepped at the track... weird
When you don't have the horsepower that the RWYB guys have, you do not need the same tire grip that they have. It is easy to over-prep tires and get too much grip - enough to bog lower horsepower motors in the turns. Although it depends upon a lot of things (from driver experience to preferences to horsepower available to track conditions), a lot of drivers say that being slightly loose is often fastest.