TKM 2 cycle


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Found a nice deal on a TKM 135 cc engine. We are looking to upgrade from our 420 honda to something with similar/more HP and way less weight. Will an open TKM get it done?
How's parts availability for the engine? What kind of HP is likely out of a tkm 135 with dual buller carbs on alky?
Morton I don't know about the TKM, but I have a PCR 135 that's shelved because of time trying to track pistons down or modifying other pistons to fit. Don't know the HP of mine but it is very stout. Thought of having sudam liner put in mine and using available sudam pistons.
good info guys... Now what you guys think about the HP deal? is it gonna be similar in HP to a build 420 honda?
I've had both. My TKM 135 rotary would outrun my K-30 rotary. But my K-35 reed would outrun my TKM 135 reed. And they'd both leave my DAPs in the dust. But this was on enduro/road racing and not dirt bullrings.