Tod miller clone

Good deal. I bought one with a miller blower housing but had
No way of telling if it was a miller or what kinda deal it was. Just thought I would ask
Seems to me like the big builders would all have a way of marking their engines so people can tell if they are getting a genuine engine from that builder. I know Welch used to engrave 3 numbers on the back of the block, just under the fins on the head where the head meets the block, i had one of his engines that had the numbers there as well as the welch racing stickers on the blower housing. If they arent engraving or marking them, what is to keep someone from swapping the blower housing from a good tod miller engine over to a junk engine laying around and selling that as a tod miller engine at a high price?
I think most builders keep track of the serial number so you can call and ask I know a few who do checkerd flag builds a good motor and they keep track of their motors pretty well they can even tell you who first bought the motor date of build and whats in it from the last time it was in their shop and the have very good customer service I'm surprised that more people don't use them and their petty cheap on prices vs other builder's and have an a good machine shop for the diy ER's too probably because they don't give people free motor to run that win so people will buy ( monkey see monkey do kind) all of the motors of theirs I've ran have all been proven winners and have just as much power as the rest I think engine builder should keep track of the serial numbers so they and their customers know exactly what it is...
I have a welch motor that I got back in august mine has number on the front of the block and my name on it. I know millenum keeps up with theirs because I called them about a used motor and they was able to tell me when it was bought and by who.