Todd Miller clone

I have a Todd Miller clone I run in stock appearing I try to gear the engine to run around 7000 rpm on my small bull ring track. Our SA class allows us to run any engine modifications as long as carb still appears factory. Can be bored choke removed etc. no tilly mikuni or 390. I got the engine used and it makes decent power but these guys I’m competing with are running extremely modified engines claiming 28-30 hp. I assume I’m running around 17. Knife to a gun fight. I would like suggestions on carb head cam combo or any expert advise on getting power from this engine.


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On an SA with clone carb even bored out I don't think they are making 28-30. 25 Max I would think. And if that is a stock clone its not 17 more like 12-14. As far as mods for that enigine depends on your budget. But I would think a cam like a F275 or nr 274 with a bored out carb on methanol would wake that thing up. Head work would make it even better.


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I see a couple opportunities here .
first the head can be shaved and or ported if it has not been already.
quick and simple would be ratio rockers and a spring upgrade (single 18-19lbs )
bored carb of course super simple. bolt on .
cam selection can be anywhere the f275 stated above a mod 2 would be easy .
no need to send it out , knowing if its been ported now would be a big help , Call Todd Miller Racing.
you gotta wonder about the rod , are you able to change a rod?
Oh yeah how did I forget about the rod? Like flattop1 said if you are mechanically inclined you can do most of the mods yourself.