**RACERS....tag your local track/track owners if your interested in running a test**

Track owners/operators & track prep guys...looking for a solution for your dry, dusty track conditions, without using corrosive calcium?

Ultimate Dirt Track Conditioner improves dirt’s ability to hold moisture longer, while allowing water to penetrate more deeply. It also enhances soil’s bonding properties providing for greater compaction. This reduces dust and in many cases eliminates it altogether.

UDTC is water based and is nontoxic and nonhazardous to the environment. It causes no harm to ground water. By reducing dust, UDTC provides a better racing experience for racers and spectators alike.

Better Racing
• Improves track performance
• Widens racing grooves
• Prevents holes & ruts
• Improves soil adhesion

Better Fan Experience
• Improves visibility for fans & racers
• Alleviates dust-related breathing problems
• Biodegradable

References can be provided, from tracks in GA, SC, AL, TN, & even Arizona.