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So new to these .... wanting to know if I can just order new tread tires and mount and run ? Or is there cutting / prepping like with the slicks new ? Have seen people wanting 200$ for used treads but I can buy new for under 300 , any info would help


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Like stated many times on here the sizing is quite different from slicks .
Unless your required to buy a certain size .
The big right sides at 36-37 inch roll out are hard too work with .
Definitely call and talk with who ever you order from .


The big key to treads is getting the right sizes. Too many people (and promoters) choose the tires made for the 250 & 500cc winged outlaw cage karts.
Yes, you can most definitely have them cut (see photos above.) We cut both Hoosier and Burris treads (as well as sprint rain tires.) Reducing the rotating mass is definitely worth it when you're dealing with heavy oversized, over gripping tires on underpowered karts.
Do you have to cut them?
No. You don't have to cut slicks either, but the advantage is there, even moreso because of the depth of the tread blocks on these tires.

If we can be of any help, please feel free to reach out to us at the shop number below during business hours.

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