triton or triton 35?


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What are the differences in the two models? I'm a bigger guy 235lbs and typically run smaller tracks, which would be better? 4 engine combos bsp, pro clone, limited mod gas clone, open clone.
I can only speak for the triton due to never had a 35..But we are about 230 as a driver and once we got it dialed in, thanks to some help on this thread, we could not ask for better.
35 will transfer weight a tad bit slower which seems to help the bigger guys based on my own observations. Only issue is that you are racing at a smaller track.
The standard Triton tends to be a bit easier to get working, a bit easier to drive and has a bit more turning power. The 35 is a bit harder to drive, a bit more tire sensitive and typically makes a bit less turning power. In return for this, the 35 tends to have a bit more speed potential when it's all working correctly. On smaller tracks and ones making less bite I'd be more tempted to go with the Standard Triton.

Agreed with Todd! We have a 35 and its fast when you hit everything right! It's just hard to hit everything right all the time.
Standard Triton hands down! All around one of the top chassis' produced by far. I know of a big name friend that's a well know PRC dealer that runs Super Heavy and he loves the Standard over the 35. The 35 is too finicky with really having to have an A+ Tire game.