Triton spindle on Icon

Has anyone had good luck running the Triton rf spindle and L block on an Icon? Had another racer tell me that it would make the Icon fly off the corners.
Why would you want too fly off the corner?:)
It may work , though I also heard the opposite put the icon spindle and L block on the triton.
Have been unwilling to try it though.
I believe it would have too do with camber gain or loss depending on which way you went.
The 15 degree kingpin angle is what was explained to me that you want. The guy seemed to really know his stuff and had some top notch karts.
Ive noticed more range of motion for adjustment with the triton spindle in the icon, also as a very over grown driver, I'm not having to replace the king pin bearings every 3-4 races on my far as dramatic performance changes I haven't noticed any, just more adjustment capability and less "play" under load