TS Max Looking for info on TS Max Chassis

I asked this on here before the big crash but What Im looking for is set up info on the TS Max chassis. I got this kart but not sure what year it is, It does have adjustable front end. Id like some set up info if people have some. Also Id like to know if any one happens to have the builders number? I have been told he was out of PA.

Ted Swontec(spelling may be wrong) from Aliquipa PA made it. I don't know if he still makes karts. I can't find his card with his number on it.

All karts he made were custom made and if you inspect the welds closely, a work of art. He's an old time famous laydown enduro kart maker and his dad made sprint cars and is well know for it.
Ted is no longer in the Pittsburgh Pa area he moved away to Colorado. He developed a medical condition that no longer allowed for him to weld. There have been enough people around that have raced a TS MAX chassis that someone should be able to chime in.
Get ahold of me and I will get ya rolling. I rode one for a guy for about 6 years and won a ton of races on them and even some bigger money races on them. I have since moved away from the TS Max but I still got some numbers for them.
Tom Dawson
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Bicknell racing products has some of the parts on their website. There is a tab for kart parts on there somewhere but I cant remember for sure where it is. Most of the parts are pretty standard and can be purchased at places like dixie karting or performance manufacturing. If you need bumpers or nerf bars you can call earls house of customs or george bark with measurements and they will fab them for you. If you need set up info I would definitely be contacting Tom (turn4racing) as he has had a lot of experience with those chassis with very good results.