Turning a GX390 Crank from 1" to 3/4"


What should I expect to pay a machine shop to turn a gx390 crank snout down from a 1" keyed shaft to a 3/4" keyed shaft?

Should I also have the snout shortened? To what length?

Any advice is appreciated.
I will do it for $30 plus shipping back to you. I just finished 2 this week and they turned out very good. If you want to give me a call my number is 706-870-2713
Turning it down is very easy and simple. Having the keyway added back is a little more. Shorten it to as much as you can and have it still work would be optimal. If you ever intend to run 3rd bearing, dont shorten it. Ever who does it will know about leaving a nice radius where it needs it. The offer from racer2828 seems very reasonable. $30 is a good deal.